Alchemy Holistics  

Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit  

Alchemy Holistics

Alchemy is far more than transforming metal into gold. It is the practice of inner transformation.

We all have the potential to transform our lives, by aligning our thoughts, feelings, & actions with our highest, most authentic self. The essence of alchemy is deep purification for your mind, body & soul. Alchemy’s greatest achievement is to create a relationship between our inner world & our outer world. While physical alchemy deals with altering & transforming the properties in the physical realm. Spiritual alchemy is connected with freeing your self from your fears, limiting beliefs systems, & lack of self-acceptance. Alchemy Holistics is the art of transforming your mind, body & soul while transmuting your spirit.  



We All are the divine source of creation, with the ability to heal our mind, body & spirit. With the act of ceremony & personal growth, we have the capability of healing ourselves & activating our highest purest form. I ask you to take the step into becoming your highest self. Life is a celebration of the present & you are its gift. 

- Esther Marie 




Founder of Alchemy Holistics 

Esther Marie

Shamanic Body Worker

Reiki Master Teacher

Holistic Health Care Practitioner


Medicine Woman

 Sacred Prayer Performer


Esther is an intuitive Holistic Alchemist. She channels infinite creative source energy through the symbolic language of the healing arts. She works with all the five elements to embody the full spectrum of the multidimensional expression. Through the ancient teachings of plants, sound therapy & embodiment practices, she guides others into accessing their wisdom & truth. Her passion for activating & empowering others is deeply felt in her presence. She invites you to rise & claim your fullest version of yourself. 


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