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Divine Feminine

We are witnessing a global, spiritual renaissance, a reawakening of our spirit's connection to Mother Earth. The process of breaking the mold of modern patriarchal systems of control & the mechanistic worldview that disavows the sacred & interconnection of all life.

It is a monumental time of change, as our collective destiny hangs in the balance.  We seek stability & peace from a background of deeply disturbing, often frightening world events. Many of us have become acutely aware of something vitally missing in our modern life, acknowledging the spirit. Shamanic practices & ancient wisdom world traditions have an unbroken relationship with our ever-giving Earth, often referred as the Great Mother, Gaia, Sophia, or Pachamama.

It is well over time that we embark the modern world with the timeless qualities associated with Mother Earth through love, understanding, compassion, nurturing, and empathy.

-Esther Marie 
In history, some cultures carry a bias against feminine qualities such as strength, perseverance, & intellectual intuition. It is believed that the expansion of violence, created by the male-dominate cultures dishonored the peaceful & sacred ways of  the Goddess. The divine feminine energy transcends, while completes the polarity of the divine sentient spirit. Creating the interpersonal equilibrium in order to transcend, heal & forgive our structural wounds.
Alchemy Holistics encapsulates a caring, compassionate environment with intuitive attention to woman's needs & aspirations. Working together to help embody our purest form within the divine feminine.
Creating a powerful, awakening experience to bring about personal & collective transformation. 

Women's Circle's

The History of Women's Gathering's 

Women have been gathering in circles for ages, creating ceremonial space all around the world. Many directly tied to menstruation & moon cycles. Menstrual huts & moon lodge traditions worldwide date back to 800 CE, while some are still practiced today. The red tent (menstrual tradition) & moon lodges grew in popularity as a sacred space for women & girls to embody their spirituality & sexuality, in aide to heal from wounds & traumas. Religion also played a role in the oldest women’s circles, like those practiced by the Wiccans & Celtic Christians in the 5th & 6th centuries. The Jewish tradition of Rosh Chodesh is another great example.

“Those woman that have come before us have paved the way, creating space for this pivotal time where we are shifting, changing & transforming.”—Paula Mallis

It is time that we keep honoring these traditions. Alchemy Holistics honors Wicca, magick, alchemy, ritual work, elemental connection & above all, self mastery. Calling all women to activate your highest priestess self. We will gather to sing, dance & activate our higher intent in order to heal, grow & prosper. By starting with your self, we can help guide & nurture the collective of women around us. Intend to heal our ancestral lineage, practice ceremonial ritual & activate our most primal sacred feminine. We gather for all the healings of creation! I ask you sister to take the next step in healing your self. In carving the path for your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, all that come before, after & around you.

Alchemy Holistics holds monthly Moon Ceremonies in the San Diego area. If interested in participating in our monthly circles please sign up for our mailing list to stay informed!


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