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She Rises womens retreat  


Hello Beloved Sisters, 

She Rises Women's Retreat will be on 10/8/21 - 10/11/21 in Mazatlan Mexico. 

We invite you to take this leap to unite with your soul & dive deep within. Allowing her to Rise!  

      This will be an intimate all women's medicine journey retreat. Holding a safe container to flourish our divine essence & feminine flow. We will be gathering in a sacred ceremonial space that encourages the activation of our sacred femininity. To nourish, celebrate, & gather in the strength of our divine sisterhood. This invitation is for women who are ready to step into their power. Those who desire to connect with the sanctified sisterhood of the raw feminine. This will be a 3 night women's ceremonial retreat. Journey into Plant Medicine, Inner Growth & Self Discovery though the power of the divine feminine. As, we sit in ceremony, we ourselves come back home, come back home to our pure essence. Through, our wombs we will heal our wounds & we will heal our ancestral traumas. We invite you, to channel this divine energy and Rise to your power! Rise to your Divine essence within you. We will be deepening our self wisdom & practicing embodiment in forms of movement, songs & rituals. We will be joining forces in the union of sisterhood & creating a sacred container for healing & growth. 


Throughout this Retreat we will be guiding sacred practices, Rituals, & Somatic healing modality's. Specifically tailored to enhance your connection to your sensuality and sovereignty. 


  • ​​Yoga 
  • Plant Based Meals 
  • Ecstatic Dance 
  • Cacao Ceremony's 
  • Plant Medicine Journey
  • Guided Meditation/Sound Therapy 
  • Breath Work Trauma Release
  • Communal Yoni Steam 
  • Manifestation Magick Ritual/ Release 
  • Self Healing Reiki/ Sister Reiki 
  • Embodiment Practices 


The sacred exchange for this Retreat is $999 per sister. We are offering a early bird price of $777 that ends on 8/22/21.  A non- refundable Deposit of $333 is required at registration to confirm your commitment to this Ceremonial retreat. Payment plans are offered as well. Please reach out directly to set up your personalized payment plan. 4 weeks before the Ceremony a full deposit will be required to attend. Cancellations must be within 3 weeks of the Ceremony to be transferable. 

Please RSVP 3 weeks prior to the Retreat to stay in the announcement email regarding the Diet/Dieta & future details on what to bring. 


If you are interested in participating in this retreat or have any questions please contact Esther @ 

or directly (619)-972-7835 

For a direct deposit to hold your space please use one of the following. 

Please add your email into the notes.  

Venmo @Esther-Ruiz-2 

Zelle @ (619)972-7835



Location in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico.

25 mins from the airport. Taxi services available at airport.

House is in the center of Centro Historical Mazatlan.

3 blocks from the beach.

6 luxurious bedrooms accommodations.

Sleeping accommodations will be provided for each sister. There is limited availability to maintain intimacy. We encourage sisters to come together for there will be shared sleeping accommodations.  If you wish to have your own sleeping accommodations please directly message Esther. 

What to Expect

✧All meals will be locally sourced organic plant based. Mostly vegan/vegetarian with tofu, tempeh and sometimes egg as a protein option. Our vegan chief is a wizard!

✧ Circle Work will be our morning check in. Allowing the space for connection & space holding.

✧ No workshops or classes are mandatory, yet all are recommended. The weekend has been specially put Together to coincide with the theme and the goal.

✧ There will be rest time & please note the weekend will be long days with lots of stimulation.

Expect to be taken out of your comfort zone.
Expect to be pushed into new territory.
Expect to leave with a family of close sisters that will have life long connections.
Expect to deepen your relationship to self.
Expect to leave reborn.

Facilitator  & Ceremonialist Esther Marie 

   Esther Marie Is s an intuitive Holistic Alchemist. She channels infinite creative source energy through the symbolic language of the healing arts. She works with all the five elements to embody the full spectrum of the multidimensional expression. Through the ancient teachings of plants, sound therapy & embodiment practices, she guides others into accessing their wisdom & truth. Esther facilitates women though deep healing womb work & embodiment practices to cleanse & reclaim there sensuality and sovereignty. Healing any past traumas or stagnate energy that may resign in the sacral area.

 Her passion for activating & empowering others is deeply felt in her presence. She invites you to rise & claim your fullest version of yourself! 



Facilitator & Yoga Teacher Hara Ananda 

Hara Ananda is a trauma-informed sound ceremonialist, womb mentor and yoga instructor. She has been devoted to her personal yoga practice for over 5 years and has almost 1000 hours of teaching experience. She is passionate about creating spaces where individuals feel empowered to find their unique embodied expression of yoga. Her teaching style weaves together traditional and nontraditional forms of movement and meditation to align mind, body and spirit. 

As a womb mentor Hara facilitates ceremonies for inner alchemy and rites of passage utilizing tools like breathwork, meditation and sound for trauma release and subconscious intention planting to find true embodied presence. 


“I believe growth happens on the edge of our comfort zone, within the support of a loving community.” - Hara


Plant Based Chef Shelby Gallagher 

   Shelby originated on the east coast but made her way home to San Diego 6 years ago While her plant based journey started 4 years ago. Shelby’s deep love for Mother Earth and all her creatures sparked her transition. She started off as a vegetarian then made her way into veganism. Changing her diet pushed Shelby to be more creative in the kitchen. She loves snagging veggies from the local farmers markets and incorporating them into her daily dishes. Food to Shelby signifies community, connection, culture, and happiness.  Sharing her home cooked meals with others helps her spread this energy. Nothing makes Shelby happier then being in the kitchen surrounded by friends and family!  


Breath Work Facilitator Malorie Rodriguez 

Malorie is a pure soul who stands for people to reconnect to their inner-self, create healing and live life fully & joyfully! She began her transformation process in 2012 when she first stepped into a workshop. She realized how much she was unconsciously buried deep within herself. Malorie was able to heal many open wounds from her past, reinvent relationships and found her voice again, reinventing herself to be a stand for full expression. With the tool and journey of breathwork she was able to break free from chains and blockages. She is excited to facilitate Breathwork Detox to help guide this workshop through womb healing. To release anything that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. She has facilitated Workshops,  participated in several leadership courses, is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Certified Breathwork Facilitator.